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Secondary Refrigerants/Anti-Freeze Solutions

TYFO® range high efficiency heat transfer fluids offers a realistic alternative to reduce the primary refrigerant charge.

A wide range of Glycol (EcoCHILL, EcoFROST), Potassium Acetate (Tyfoxit®) and Potassium Formate (Tyfoxit F®) based solutions enable us to offer a One Stop Shop supply to cover any application from Solar Heating down to -60 ºC low temperature Refrigeration applications.

We offer Ex-Stock supply and full in-house maintenance capability to support our customers for any type of applications. We also offer advice and treatment for any corrosion and bacterial problems for existing installations using any Secondary Heat Transfer fluid.

TYFO range secondary refrigerants  


Design Considerations

Potassium Acetate based inhibited solution

Potassium Formate based inhibited solution

Food Grade Mono Propylene Glycol based inhibited solution

Ethylene Glycol based inhibited solution

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