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Development & Consultancy

Thermal Energy StorageEPS is actively involved on R&D projects with many Industrial and Academic institutions. Many UK and EEC funded projects have been undertaken either as a lead partner or supporting partner.

We specialise in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning technologies and offer specialised design, prototype and final production developments either based on our in-house or existing other technologies for a wide range of industries.

We have extensive in-house mechanical and chemical know-how built around our product range and we would be happy to share our experiences with any company who is willing to explore any energy efficient and environmentally friendly option for their process / applications.

Recent Consultation Projects Include:

  • Refrigeration Design Services
  • Combined Heat and Power Applications
  • Automotive Cooling Development
  • Hydrogen Car Development
  • Domestic Refrigeration Efficiency
  • Mobile Cooling Facilities
  • Car Seat Cooling
  • Aerospace Cooling Applications
  • Non-refrigeration Based Cooling
  • Beverage Temperature Control
  • Passive Cooling Shelters
  • Passive Cooling within Buildings