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Adiabatic Cooling EcoMESH is a unique mesh and water spray system that improves the performance of Air Cooled Chillers, Dry Coolers and Refrigeration plant whilst reducing energy consumption by up to 44%. EcoMESH has been fitted to troublesome units worldwide where its patented water spray technology eliminates problems and once fitted is virtually maintenance free.

  • Do your air cooled chillers cut out on really warm days?
  • Are your refrigeration units subjected to muck and grime, creating maintenance and reliability issues?
  • Are you concerned about the energy usage of your cooling equipment?
  • Do you replace/overhaul your compressors every few years?

If you have any make of Mini Split, Air Cooled Chiller, Rooftop Unit or Air Cooled Unit, EcoMESH provides 10 key benefits:

  • The installation of EcoMESH can reduce electrical running costs by up to 44%.
  • EcoMESH can be retro fitted to any model, make and size of air conditioning and refrigeration unit.
  • Water consumption is minimised as the spray is intermittent and only activated when required, hence it consumes 79% less water than any other wet systems.
  • EcoMESH provides protection against snow and sand storms and provides additional shading properties. 
  • No water softeners or other chemical treatment plant required.
  • No still water reservoir design which eliminates health risks.
  • EcoMESH extends compressor reliability and life.
  • Typical payback period from installation 21 weeks, no more than one cooling season.
  • EcoMESH is ideal as part of your environmental solution.
  • EcoMESH is maintenance free, with no need for replacement nozzles or meshes

Ecomesh Adiabatic cooling systems

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