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Potable Water Cooling Systems

Potable Water CoolingTraditional Potable Water and Juice Cooling systems rely on either Direct Expansion or Secondary Heat Transfer Fluid to cool the product. Many food processes such as Dough Mixing, Fruit Salads and Vegetable cooling require potable water as cold as 1 deg C, which can only be achieved using lower evaporation temperatures.

Low evaporation temperatures well below the freezing point of water may result in freezing up the heat exchanger, and as a result contaminating the potable water or product supply. This contamination is considered to be a very high risk for the food industry and it can be completely eliminated by using a patented jacketed vessel with a vent between the water and refrigerant.

Chillers are available offering water at 1 deg C for both continuous and batch cooling processes, suitable for applications in chilled ingredient water, food product cooling, bakery cooling, hydro cooling, drinking water and pre-cooling of water for ice -making. Also available is a waste heat recovery unit that can supply free hot water by utilising the heat generated from the refrigeration system.